Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Make Wise Choices For Moving IT Processes to the Cloud

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Handy Checklists, Forms, Tools, Spreadsheets, Templates, Etc.
The Cloud Computing Starter Kit
IT Manager's Tool Kit
Make Wise Choices For Moving IT Processes to the Cloud
Each organization has unique opportunities and risks when it comes to cloud computing and it requires a methodical approach to ensure the processes under consideration are best managed in the Cloud versus in house.

The Cloud Computing Starter Kit
provides a straight forward framework for managing decisions about the Cloud, quantifying the business case and finding the right vendors.

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These Tools Will Help You Manage Cloud Computing Decisions
The Cloud Computing Starter Kit was produced by a team of IT consultants and professionals with combined decades of real-world experience. The documents in this quick download will help you cut through the hype surrounding the Cloud and execute practical and informed "make-or-buy" decisions about the technologies that will drive your business for years to come.

The tools in this kit will help you:

   •  Understand which processes provide the best opportunities
   •  Learn who the key vendors are for each type of process
   •  Model up to 5 years of ROI
   •  Measure success
   •  Plan the project using Microsoft Project
   •  Manage internal change and communications

for a complete list of
all the tools included in this bundle.

Your Satisfaction
Is Guaranteed

If you are not thoroughly satisfied with the collection of documents and templates included in the IT Manager's Tool Kit, let us know within 30 days and we will refund 100% of your purchase price.


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