Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Got Stress? Learn How to Manage It

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IT Careers November 15, 2011
A survey the Anxiety Disorders Association of America conducted back in 2006 showed that even then, workplace stress was a problem. Among the findings: 40 percent of people experience persistent stress or excessive anxiety in their daily lives. If things were that bad before the recession, imagine what they're like now. Here's help from the ADAA, with some tips for managing stress at work. Read more >
Application Clusters —
High Availability
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Susan Hall
Charting Your IT Career

John Storts
IT Unmasked

Don Tennant
From Under the Rug

Path to a Secure Application The Path to a Secure Application
This webcast explains how automatic vulnerability scanning tools improve the speed and accuracy of code review, and are integrated seamlessly into the development lifecycle.
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Getting your message across to management is always tricky, and it can be doubly challenging when you are dealing with veteran software programmers who have climbed the corporate ladder. This book chapter offers pointers on how to "manage up" and enact change in a top-heavy environment.

There is a shift from manual administration processes to automated management for critical Exchange tasks. Administrators who have moved to automation for activities such as the identification of mailbox owners, activity spike detection and message activity auditing are finding their Exchange access and data management workload reduced by up to 70 percent.

With the release of Microsoft Project 2010, an increasing number of team members will get involved in the collaborative management of projects. This easy-to-use guide will help even the novice Project user navigate the software's interface.

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Troubleshooting Your Exchange Migration from Start to FinishRead this white paper to find out how to improve mail server performance and boost user productivity by integrating a secure, cloud-based file sharing solution into your Microsoft Exchange migration.

Data Integration Strategies: An Overview

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Top 10 Technical Considerations
•  Security, Privacy, Accessibility: The Principles of Requirements-Driven Quality


Excerpt from
Arthur Cole

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