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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Five things you need to know about the future of work

How will we be working in the future? What role will future business play in society? How will businesses attract talent? 

Since the start of my career I’ve witnessed considerable change in the way that we work and how we manage our people. I’ve been lucky to work and experience some very different and contrasting industries, but I’ve generally found that whatever the nature of a business or organisation, they are rarely immune to change.
And change is happening faster than ever, right across the globe: environmental pressures, population growth, massive advancements in technology, and significant shifts in the demographic of the workforce to name just a few. In step with these, people’s aspirations and desires for their work are also changing. Of course this presents challenges, but many organisations also see it as a wonderful opportunity to create positive change and to start to build purpose-driven organisations that prioritise people and planet alongside profit.

The future of leadership will see employees being given far more freedom and opportunity. The days of successful leaders being overly controlling are numbered – new ways of working mean flexibility and empowerment will become central to businesses large and small.

Here are five things we learned about the future of work…

  • People will want to work with an organisation that has purpose. As Tim Brown (CEO and President of IDEO) observes, only organisations with a “reason for being” will be sustainable and successful in the future and attract the next generation of talent. Our recent collaboration with BBH confirmed this – the new generation of people coming into the workforce want to work for businesses that are innovative, creative, fun and that are inspiring change.
  • People will expect lifelong growth. People are constantly curious, and keen to learn and develop their skills and knowledge. Technology has made learning available at the click of a button and that means we need to continue to develop new approaches to developing our people so that they can stay relevant and feel that they are growing.
  • We will have to help manage the ‘always on’ culture caused by technology – it’s good for them and it’s good for business. At Virgin Unite, amongst other things, we’ve introduced unlimited leave, ‘better you’ days (which support personal development goals) and the Virgin Pulse programme to support employees to sustain their own health and wellness.
  • ‘Hybrid leaders’ will be in demand. These are leaders who can work collaboratively across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors and use business solutions to tackle the world’s social and environmental problems. At Unite, our team includes former consultants, lawyers, accountants, public servants and entrepreneurs, all of whom add diverse and innovative ideas and approaches to the mix.
  • The concept of a job for life won’t exist.Changing workforce expectations, the ability to use technology to perform more project / portfolio work and skills shortages in many industries have all transformed the jobs market and the way people approach their careers. This has all brought greater expectations of the ability to move between projects, organisations and roles and a radical shift in the traditional models of attracting and retaining talent.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

3 Keys to Raising Happy, Conscious Kids

Learn insights that help you raise happier, healthier children who become mature, wise, and creatively engaged adults. And in the process, let go of the outdated beliefs that lead you to be less
than your loving best.

Do you recognize that the most sacred responsibility you have is ensuring that the next generation is more whole, awake and engaged in bettering the world than the last?
Then you are already conscious of the power and impact you have as parent, mentor, or elder to the next generation.

The only challenge is that virtually none of us were given the specific skills and insights for how to do this all-important task with real wisdom.
Instead, we tend to play out the patterns we inherited as children as it is our subconscious minds and beliefs that largely run the show when it comes to the ever-evolving and often overwhelming challenges of mentoring a next generation.
To be truly effective in the parenting role, there are some things we absolutely have to do. And others we need to avoid, even when every cell of our body is screaming at us to do the opposite.
In this free teleseminar event, Shelly Lefkoe, co-founder of the widely respected Lefkoe Method, shares the essence of her secrets, which go beyond parenting “tricks” to the foundational beliefs and patterns that drive how we love, learn and evolve.
These insights not only make you a better parent (or grandparent). They also improve your ability to relate to just about anyone.
They emerge from the recognition that it is vital for us to upgrade our own programming – the beliefs that govern our behavior – that is, if we are to really empower amazing, stellar human beings into their full expression.
This goal obviously goes beyond basic good parenting and providing a healthy home, good education and the opportunity to thrive. It’s about providing a platform for self-actualization, unconditional love and real wisdom.
And yes, we all know that so often in parenting (or grandparenting), the more basic questions are in the foreground – how to get the children to soccer practice or complete their homework or get them to stop squabbling.
But there’s more we can each aspire to create with our children, gifting them with skills that last a lifetime. These skills empower them to live their greatest dreams and make their greatest contribution.
>>> http://bit.ly/raisinghappy