Friday, 14 October 2011

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From the IT Business Edge Customer Service Team

Thank you for joining IT Business Edge. To ensure that we send you the latest news, analysis and research about the IT issues critical to your business, please verify that your IT Business Edge membership is properly configured. Click "Yes" after each question below that identifies an IT priority for your business, and we'll make sure you receive the IT Business Edge weekly reports tailored to help you achieve your individual business goals.
  1. Are you interested in getting past the jargon and deriving real business benefits from the latest developments in innovative information technology solutions?  
    Yes. Please send me the CTO Edge Update weekly report.  
  2. Could your IT department benefit from a library of continually updated Free IT policies, tools, templates and planning tools?  
    Yes. Please send me the Business Tools & Templates report.  
  3. Is protecting your network and employees from threats like viruses, SPAM, hackers and social engineering attacks a business necessity for your company?  
    Yes. Please send me the Fortifying Network Security weekly report.  
  4. Is it essential that your company's IT department stay in synch with organization-wide strategies and play a visible role in your company's overall success?  
    Yes. Please send me the Aligning IT & Business Goals weekly report.  
  5. Throughout the next year, will making the most of your company's hardware, software and other IT infrastructure components be critical to your business success?  
    Yes. Please send me the Optimizing Infrastructure weekly report.  
  6. Will your company consider using tools like Web services, CRM, SFA, supply chain management and business portals to connect with employees, customers and partners?  
    Yes. Please send me the Integrating the Enterprise weekly report.  
  7. Is reducing IT costs, stretching budget dollars and making a solid financial case for technology projects you advocate important to your business success?  
    Yes. Please send me the Maximizing IT Investments weekly report.  
  8. Do continuous changes in critical government and market compliance standards influence your budget, strategy, processes and overall success?  
    Yes. Please send me the Managing Compliance Standards weekly report.  
  9. Our editors pinpoint the news, analysis and tools you need to manage the mobile and telecom strategies for your business. We're here to help you tackle the needs of users on heterogeneous platforms and devices, the ever-expanding universe of mobile applications, and a jungle of continually evolving security threats.  
    Yes. Please send me the Mobile and Telecom weekly report.  
  10. Is your enterprise considering a new or continued investment in enterprise software solutions or products for a genuine ROI and strategic edge?  
    Yes. Please send me the Leveraging Enterprise Software weekly report.  
  11. Would you like daily updates of the best interviews, opinions and expert commentary from IT Business Edge's editors and industry leaders?  
    Yes. Please send me the Daily Edge daily report.  

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Working for Your Success,
The IT Business Edge Customer Service Team
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