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Essential ITIL Implementation Worksheets and Templates

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October 23, 2011
Essential ITIL Implementation Worksheets and Templates

The ITIL Starter Kit

The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) sets the world standard for IT policies and procedures and companies across the globe are increasingly aligning their processes with ITIL disciplines. But the task of prioritizing an ITIL implementation can be daunting due to the sheer volume of material. The ITIL Starter Kit allows you to streamline your ITIL implementation by helping you assess your unique business requirements and focus on the ITIL disciplines that provide the biggest impact for your company.

Here are just a few of the benefits you'll gain from the ITIL Starter Kit:

    •    Quick reference of all ITIL disciplines and detailed information on the top principles
    •    A tool for assessing your IT organization's strengths and weaknesses in regards to ITIL alignment
    •    A gap analysis and presentation template for aligning your organization with ITIL disciplines

The ITIL Starter Kit
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