Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Top 50 IT Policies from Info-Tech -- Download and Go

Featured Product: Info-Tech's Top 50 IT Policies - 2011 Edition
New IT Policy Templates Ready to Download and Customize

Documenting a clear set of IT policies is a resource-intensive process for IT managers, due to the research and writing time involved. And once policies are created, the next step is to communicate and gain acceptance for those policies throughout the organization. Wouldn't it be nice to start with boiler-plate templates that require only minor customization?

IT Business Edge has teamed up with the IT experts at Info-Tech Research Group to offer you Info-Tech's Top 50 IT Policies. This newly updated, time-saving package will provide you with a stocked library of over 45 IT policy templates. Plus, you get the tips, techniques and advice you need to successfully apply these policies in your company.

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Top 50 IT Policies
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