Saturday, 11 April 2015

3 Keys to Raising Happy, Conscious Kids

Learn insights that help you raise happier, healthier children who become mature, wise, and creatively engaged adults. And in the process, let go of the outdated beliefs that lead you to be less
than your loving best.

Do you recognize that the most sacred responsibility you have is ensuring that the next generation is more whole, awake and engaged in bettering the world than the last?
Then you are already conscious of the power and impact you have as parent, mentor, or elder to the next generation.

The only challenge is that virtually none of us were given the specific skills and insights for how to do this all-important task with real wisdom.
Instead, we tend to play out the patterns we inherited as children as it is our subconscious minds and beliefs that largely run the show when it comes to the ever-evolving and often overwhelming challenges of mentoring a next generation.
To be truly effective in the parenting role, there are some things we absolutely have to do. And others we need to avoid, even when every cell of our body is screaming at us to do the opposite.
In this free teleseminar event, Shelly Lefkoe, co-founder of the widely respected Lefkoe Method, shares the essence of her secrets, which go beyond parenting “tricks” to the foundational beliefs and patterns that drive how we love, learn and evolve.
These insights not only make you a better parent (or grandparent). They also improve your ability to relate to just about anyone.
They emerge from the recognition that it is vital for us to upgrade our own programming – the beliefs that govern our behavior – that is, if we are to really empower amazing, stellar human beings into their full expression.
This goal obviously goes beyond basic good parenting and providing a healthy home, good education and the opportunity to thrive. It’s about providing a platform for self-actualization, unconditional love and real wisdom.
And yes, we all know that so often in parenting (or grandparenting), the more basic questions are in the foreground – how to get the children to soccer practice or complete their homework or get them to stop squabbling.
But there’s more we can each aspire to create with our children, gifting them with skills that last a lifetime. These skills empower them to live their greatest dreams and make their greatest contribution.


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