Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Top Oddball Interview Questions of 2011

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IT Careers January 17, 2012
Job seekers everywhere are hoping 2012 will be the year they land a new job. But, to secure a job requires acing today's competitive interview process — meaning job candidates must be prepared for any and all interview questions, from the most basic to the most bizarre. Read more >
The Keys to Decoding the Cloud
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Susan Hall
Charting Your IT Career

Rob Enderle
Unfiltered Opinion

Don Tennant
From Under the Rug

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…in the Cloud
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One interesting facet of the IT industry is the need to learn new skills on a continual basis. That means that IT professionals must continuously update their skills or end up becoming redundant.

Many IT professionals and executives will be faced with a company merger, acquisition, divestiture, or downsizing at least once in their career. Info-Tech Research Group has provided these recommendations for avoiding a pink slip.

Take notice of this group of five skills that are on the upswing.
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Excerpt from
Don Tennant
From Under the Rug

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